Marching Order is a solo or cooperative dungeon crawling zine of greedy Rogues pilfering everything they can from monsters and each other.

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Marching Order is a solo or cooperative dungeon crawling zine of greedy Rogues pilfering everything they can from monsters and each other. Inspired by Tabletop games such as Four Against the Darkness, Call of Cthulhu’s Alone Against the Dark series, and video games such as Darkest Dungeons, it harkens back to the days where dungeon corridors were too narrow to fit more than one character at a time. The party had to establish their marching order- who went first, who was behind them, all the way back until you knew who was in the rear. You need a good pair of meat shields for your wizard sandwich, if you know what I mean.


In Marching Order, your character might only be able to attack a creature right in front of them, or perhaps they’re an archer and can only hit creatures 6 spaces away. Maybe they’re a doctor and pass adjacent allies strange pills. Then again, maybe they’re the thief and they’re more concerned with cutting purse strings than cutting open bellies. Hey, no one goes into a dungeon for their health, right?

Hire your Rogues, buy their equipment, and figure out your marching order. You’ll go through dungeon delves in a choose-your-own-adventure fashion, mapping the area as you go. There will be traps, magic, monsters, and weird holes in the wall you can reach into if you’re feeling frisky. If you make it back to Rotbottom alive, you can pay for training to learn new skills and level up your character. You can even buy new, more powerful Rogues. Save some coin though – you might need a life coach to get rid of a few of their bad habits. The snake oil salesmen in Rotbottom would be happy to help, for the right price of course.


The rules are simple to learn even if you’ve had a pint or two. On each Rogue’s turn, you get one action: use an item, move to a different space in the marching order, try to escape, or perform one of your character-specific actions. Doctors can try to patch up their friends, alchemists ingest strange chemicals, and archers can release hails of arrows. These abilities require a cooldown die to track when you can use them next. The more powerful the ability, the longer the cooldown.


Which brings us to the end of a Rogue’s turn: the Bullshit Phase. Into every Rogue’s life, much bullshit must fall. Every character has a quality and a flaw. Roll high and that quality activates. Good for you. Roll low, and… well, it’s been nice knowing you. The bullshit die adds an element of chaos that can help or hinder. Maybe your Rogue will see an opening and take another attack. Then again, maybe they’re just too hungover for this shit.

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