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Deep Dark Wood is a tiny hex crawl zine. There are seven locations you can add into any game you’re running with a narrative that runs throughout.


“Be he boar or be he man, he has a single knife. And if you come upon his mind, he’ll end your too short life.”

There was a time that your ancestors knew the forest was to be feared. It was deep and dark. No sun touched the heart of these woods and those that went in were often not seen again. The beasts that ranged there were strange and if any religion was practiced within, it was old, odd, and evil. At least, that’s what the peasants would say, banded together in their small towns for safety or the illusion there of.

This is a tiny hex crawl. There are seven locations you can add into any game you’re running with a narrative that runs throughout. Throw them into the center of the forest in your game world, run it as a simple one shot. or use it for inspiration. Marginally, it is designed for 5E, but the mechanics are light. It’d be easy to tear out the warm bleeding heart of it and use whatever fantasy game system you love most.


Digging in the Sand

Bones. So many bones. How many people have been buried here?

You find a rusty long sword and a small, golden vulture head worth 250 gp.

Red Sand

The sand here on the edge of the sacrificial ground is loose and looks recently churned.

Vulture Priest

The Vulture Priests are the enemy of knowledge and enlightenment. They seek to bring the eternal silence, the end of all things. Decay and obedience is their only god.

Armor Class 6 [13]
Hit Dice 1 (4hp)
Attacks 1 × Beak (1d4 or by weapon)
THAC0 19 [0]
Movement 120’ (40’)
Saving Throws D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (1)
Morale 8 (11 when at their temple)
Alignment Lawful
XP 10 
Number Appearing 2d4 (1d6 × 10)
Treasure Type D
Immune to the Divine: The spells and powers of clerics and paladins have no effect on them.
Weapons: They frequently use wickedly curved daggers, which they use for sacrificial purposes.
Soul Clouders: There is a 10% chance that any Vulture Priest can use the sleep spell once per day. The targets are still awake, but they are beset by such a deep depression that it has the same effect as sleep. They may only watch what unfurls around them.