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This history of Dezeldenia is one of cruelty, disease, and death.

   The land of Dezeldenia lays to the North of Mirlethia, separated from their neighbor by Targin’s Rot. The river continually flows with blackened water, yet is commonly traversed by Mirthlethians and Dezeldenians alike as they plunder resources and take slaves from their neighbors. The two human lands have been at war longer than even most elves remember, though neither has managed to expand far into their enemies territory. Those that have founded settlements on the opposite side of the river rarely see their work last more than a decade before it is reclaimed by it’s native inhabitants. Targin’s Rot seems to continually reintroduce itself as the eternal border between the two peoples.  Continue reading “Dezeldenia”

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The Del Harun

   I do not fear them, as they are simple merchants. I do, however, fear their dreams. I am not sure that demons do not visit them during the night.

-Selid Quazar, Patriarch of house Quazar in Zan Zan Turina.


   The Del Harun can be found in the eastern part of Qua’Lorn in Varrek, Un’, and Therrin, as well as all parts in between. They are technically half dragon, though generations of breeding with humans has left them with little dragon blood in their veins. They have not lost all link to their Draconic past, however.  Continue reading “The Del Harun”