Playing RPGs are fun. Running games can be hard, however. Everyone wants to run  a character or no one has time to plan the game out. What can you do?

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Maybe it’s your first time and you want to learn the rules. Perhaps your group wants to take a break from what you regularly do and play something special. Whatever the case, we got you.

DM James and DM Justin are happy to run your game. While certainly proficient in D&D 5E, we know a host of other games as well. Stick with what you love or try something new; we can do that for you.



This is just a sample of games we run. Don’t see what you want to play? Ask!

  • Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edtion
  • Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition
  • Tales from the Loop
  • Star Trek Adventures
  • Mutant Year Zero
  • Pugmire
  • Savage Worlds
  • Blades in the Dark
  • Monster of the Week
  • Savage Worlds
  • Vampire the Masquerade (waiting on new edition in August)
  • Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed of
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess
  • Dread
  • A host of small indie RPGs (Microscope, Fiasco!!, A Quiet Year, etc.)

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Groups should consist of between 2-6 players. We are available to run games in the Portland Metro area and online via roll20. We are also available for special events and parties. Trying out something new? Premade characters are available.

Play the game without the hassle!