The four houses of the Courtesans date back to the Elven worship of Venul, the old goddess of love. They were erected to praise her and spread her teachings. The Sylvan nation of those days went through a very large change, resulting in the near universal polyamorous relationships of today. As Venul said, “Your love is infinite. Give it all to one, and they may drown. Give it to many, so that they may drink.”

Most modern day Courtesans do not worship her, instead spending their praise on the radiant dragon gods that guard the city of Dane Caelen. You have pledged yourself to the old ways, however. In your eyes, Venul is very much real, and you are her servant. You pledged your life to her in a secret ceremony during your first century of life. You could not imagine being fulfilled without this purpose.

You hail from House Earth, the most practical of the four houses. Yours is not the passion of House Fire, nor the high art of House Water. You seek to make patrons feel cared for in many ways, those of the carnal variety being almost an afterthought. As such, your training has led you to be quite the nurturer of children, leading many patrons to seek your services solely as a nanny. While you appreciate all kinds of love, familial is perhaps your favorite, and the warmth of a child’s spirit puts peace in your heart.

Tenarlian is now here, the longest night of the year. House Elgolor has contracted your services, as their youngest child is terrified of those things that fester in dark places. There are not many Courtesans who would have accepted this contract. House Elgolor has fallen into disfavor over the years due to the strange actions of their matron, Axilya Elgolor. You have never seen what the issue was, however. She is a private old woman, which is not altogether unusual. While the home itself does seem to carry some grim overtones, the rest of the family has been nothing but warm and inviting. 

So it is that you find yourself in the bedroom of Axilan Elgolor, the youngest child in the manor. You have been humming him soft lullabies and stroking his brow. It seems he is almost ready to sleep. When that happens, you will take the dull candle in the room and find your way back to the street. You’ll spend the rest of the night in silent vigil at House Earth with your fellows, waiting for the dawn after the longest night..

Before that, however, you will protect a small child from the dark. 

Looks: A colorful red dress. Brown hair pulled back into a tight bun. Soft Lips. Smiling eyes. Oblong face with red cheeks. Taupe skin.  

Role Play: Warm. Caring. Protective. Touches with consent. Soothing. Vicious protector. 

Goals: To soothe the children. To protect the family from harm.

Before that, however, you will protect a small child from the dark.