Your home, Dezeldenia, is a far way from these elven lands. It is a human place of swamps and desolation. Demonkind is still worshipped there, as are any number of serpents. Braxult, the demon goddess of Death, is your divine lady. It is she who creates life and also she who takes it. You do not know who your patron truly is, though he has come to you in visions. He has said his name is Xythaen and you have no hope to know if that is true.  You are certain, however, that by serving him, you serve Braxult. You have soaked the earth in much blood to feed him.

 The nightmarish whispers of your patron, Xythaen, have bid you to come here. It has been a difficult journey; the sea does not agree with you. You are mistrusted by the elves. There have been times when you thought you would simply starve to death. You have made it, however. You have faced adversity and overcome it. But you are assured that the worst is yet to come.

Xylthaen has told you that one of his rivals is making his way to the city. They move through the currents of the demon-inhabited Sribinet. You have come to House Elgolor to meet them. It has been almost a month since you arrived. The house matriarch, Axilya Elgolor, is dying in her bed, afflicted by a curious disease. Before she became completely unresponsive, she granted you an audience. Xylthaen told you what words to say.

“Through me, you can break your bargain.”

Your patron was right, though you do not understand the meaning of those words. You noticed that Clerin, her caregiver, eyed you with disgust, but Axilya  demanded that you have room and board in the great house for as long as you desired it. You have eaten heartily, and are regaining your strength. The matriarch has crept into a deep sleep, from which she rarely awakens. Those moments she does are filled with panicked gibberish before she is exhausted. You are one of the few who have permission to enter her room. The family does not like it, but none have been brave enough to go against her wishes. 

It is a curious thing, her bedchamber. A stone wall stretches across the room, with a mirrored glass door set into it. Her attendants have forbidden you approaching the door, citing it as Axilya’s strict wishes that none be given entry. No matter. Your patron has not instructed you otherwise. He has been rather quiet in recent days. 

Now it is the holiday the Elves call Tenarlian. It is the Solstice, the longest night. You stand in the main hall, alone in the dark. There is a tension in the air, and the shadows themselves seem to almost breathe. The elves have made their way to their bedchambers, to pray and sleep in silence. They fear that, on this darkest of nights, any noise may attract the attention of the denizens that live in shadows. They wait out the night, meek and small, in hopes of dawn's light. All the while, they worry anxiously that demonkind still moves through Samsarras.

This night, they will find out just how right they are.

Looks: A dark hooded cloak. A shaved head with stubble. Toothy Grin. Dark eyes. Hollow Cheeks and a prominent chin. Incredibly pale skin.  

Role Play: Mysterious, stares into dark corners, says incomprehensible things, undisturbed by dark things. 

Goals: To move against the rivals of her patron. To fight anything that may come unless told otherwise by Xythaen

This night, they will find out just how right they are.