Give us your songs!

Give us your songs!

We may use your verses in the Samsarras traveler’s guide. We’ll let you know if they are accepted. We may edit them somewhat to get them to fit with the theme of the world.

Remember The Hobbit, where people just walked around singing all the time? That’s what we want to create! Different regions of the world will have different songs, or perhaps even different takes on the same verses. Some might grant bonuses to bards. It’ll be a way of world-building through verse.

Songs is a strong word, however. Granted, you can’t send us music through this form. We’ll take the lyrics happily. If you really want to compose music for us, we won’t stop you. CrumblingKeep@gmail.com. Everyone else, we’re happy to take your stories set to a rhyme scheme or what have you.

You’ll be able to find these songs through our interactive atlas. They’ll be linked in different locations throughout Samsarras. They’ll tell history, and they’ll start quests. Others will just be a good thing to know when your characters are marching along through endless wilderness.

Thanks for your submission and thinking this project is cool enough to participate in. We’ll let you know if it makes the cut!