They/Them-Draknus is the leader of a coven of wild elves called “The Mask and Spear.” They are the driving force behind the group and are very vocal about their beliefs. Draknus publicly decries violence, saying that theirs is a peaceful movement. Many high elves have other thoughts.

Draknus takes on the role of teacher and leader on their commune. While their position is one of prominence, the wild elf is often seen harvesting crops, or hunting and gathering along side the other members. They are always humble, truly believing they work for the good of their people.

Though there is much that supports their passivity, Draknus is also a great hunter, felling beasts much larger than themselves. Strangely, they only hunt alone, however. In addition to that, they have a host of tattoos upon their body that are commonly used to denote the killing of high elves. Such tattoos were common when the two races openly warred and those with many of the tally marks were held in high esteem by other wild elves.