It-The Chimzu is a demon from the bloodline of the Demon God Braxult. As such, it has inherited her ability to spread disease through it's noxious breath. It appears as a large constrictor snake with the head of a four horned goat. The fiend's eyes are always bloodshot, with two small red pupils. The inevitable scent of decay mingled with cucumbers will often precede the sight of a Chumzu. Once a creature experiences the scent, it is a near unmistakable marker that one of these demons is near.

While it's diseased breath is potent, it is not it's greatest power. The Chimzu has a soft, even voice that lulls creatures into a trance, making them quite susceptible to suggestion. Combined with it's penchant for deception, this demon is quite fond of getting others to do it's dirty work for them. At the GMs option, the every round saving throw to break free of it's mental cloud can be eliminated outside of combat, instead allowing creatures to make the save when commanded to do something outside of their best interests or at key dramatic moments.