Bakzulian is the progeny of Bakuritan, Demon goddess of despair. Their earthly form is that of a wolf with antlers and numerous snakes growing from their back. They are often sent as the Goddess' envoy, brokering deals with those stricken with grief. 

Deal with a Demon

Bakzullian has no true will of their own, living only to serve Bakuritan. When mortals are afflicted with despair and sorrow, Bakzullian will be sent to offer them a better way. Often, as with any demonic deals, what the mortal thinks they want only brings  more sorrow and despair to themself and those around them. Bakzullian can speak in honeyed tongues, but what they offer will never truly bring succor. 

Enforcer of the Bargain

If the mortal is not holding up their end of the bargain, Bakzullian will be sent to ensure that they do. The torment of these mortal beings brings Bakzullian some small amount of delight. They will make sure that the deal is done. 

The Many Serpents

Bakzullian has 6 serpents that grow from their back, each one being a different type. They speak the same languages as Bakzullian, though in combat they will always follow the demon’s will over their own. 

Bakzullian is from the adventure: Tenarlian, the Longest Winter's Eve