Axilya's Sin is the combination of Axilya and her husband Demuna. Demuna's pained face has been affixed to her midsection, peering painfully out of her stomach. The body is obscenely proportioned, with abnormally large arms that reach to the ground. Axilya's face threatens her victims while Demuna's unceasingly moans in agony. 

Obscene Abomination

Anyone gazing at Axilya's sin knows it is unnatural. Whatever mortal parts there were of Axilya and Demuna are gone, leaving this hideous monstrosity in its wake. It has no ambition other than to kill.

Bakuritan's Progeny

Axilya's Sin is despair put into flesh. It's pained wailing makes the heart sink and fills the soul with unmitigated sadness. The aberration will take anyone down with it that it can. 

Axilya's Sin is from the adventure: Tenarlian, the longest winter's eve.