Exploring the Keep


The Coming of the Astar Uln, Part 1

She giggled, her golden hair blowing in the eternal breeze. Silwyn's eyes danced about the horizon, scanning it for something new. She'd been to the ends of Yurilda and back. She had seen all that was to be seen. Still, she felt mirthful. Tadis was paying no attention to her, instead gathering berries. For each… Continue reading The Coming of the Astar Uln, Part 1

Crumbling UpKeep, Game Tips

Crumbling UpKeep Presents: The First Time GM

Sending your PC into hordes of rampaging monsters: easy. Done without a second thought. Wielding Magic that has the potential to tear worlds apart: Sure, what is the worst that could happen? Stepping behind the screen and GMing a session: Terror has never been so real. Its a scenario I've seen over and over again:… Continue reading Crumbling UpKeep Presents: The First Time GM


The Isles of Samsarras: The Silence and the Stillness, Part 3 of 3

Gerund motioned to the innkeeper for two more drinks. The elf responded, albeit with a look of slight contempt. Aglanthol picked up on the exchange and placed five elnar on the table, enough to pay for what they had with some left over. The first mug had eased her spirits a bit, relaxing her. She felt more willing to listen to the sailor now. He was brash, but he did seemingly mean well. "No, you are right. That was far from the end.