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Digital Bundle

Six PDF titles for 5E to keep you adventuring through the year.

  • Tenarlian: The Longest Night

A heavy metal holiday adventure for the winter solstice, Tenarlian- The Longest Night is a one shot with premade characters for a quick pick up game. Fiends and worse have spilled over into the moral world during the time when the veil is it’s thinnest. Can your players defeat an ancient evil on the longest night of the year?

  • Tenarlian: The Dying of the Light

Celebrate the longest night with the Dwarves on the Long Winter Vale. What will they do when the dark frost begins to pour down from the mountains? The players have only one goal in this heavy metal holiday adventure- survive the night.

  • Skin and Bone

Sixteen items for players to harvest from the animals they kill. Ghoul Sack, a Wyvern’s stinger, and a Rakshasa’s heart- the hunt is on.

  • Deep Dark Wood

“Be he boar or be he man, he has a single knife. And if you come upon his mind, he’ll end your too short life.” Deep Dark Wood is a tiny hex crawl through a dark, enchanted forest. Marginally, it is designed for 5E, but the mechanics are light. It’d be easy to tear out the warm bleeding heart of it and use whatever fantasy game system you love most.

  • Deep Dark Wood: Random Encounters

A list of random encounters for use in Deep Dark Wood. Expand your hexcrawl with this booklet of incredibly themed random encounters that your players won’t soon forget.

  • How to Use Deep Dark Wood

A step by step guide on how to run Deep Dark Wood, complete with conversions for OSE and Mork Borg