Dungeon Masters: Run Your Most Unique Adventure Yet with Almost Zero Prep!

Have you been spending nearly as much time prepping for a game as you do running it?

Do you love creating adventures but wish you had some structure?

Are all your adventures feeling the same?

What is supposed to be a fun hobby suddenly feels like work, you’re overwhelmed whenever you sit down to work on it, and it’s taking all your time away from doing something actually fun.

Worst of all, your players are bored.

You’ve tried premade adventures and are overwhelmed by the amount of information in them. 

You’ve watched YouTube videos and are just unsure where to start.

The truth is, those adventures aren’t made to be easy.

Who can remember everything important in a 300+ page book? I know I can’t.

And the videos are great for theory, but they don’t give you the practice.

Worst of all, they don’t trust you to do the work, so they try to do it for you.

(And the “work”is something you’re actually really good at… if you we’re just given the proper tools!)

I’ve been running RPG games for almost thirty years at this point and I’ve ran into the same thing over and over and over again. 

A new adventure is released and I’m excited about it. I run it for maybe two sessions and then I just go totally homebrew. 

How does anyone keep a party on the rails for that long?


I’ve also noticed hardly any of them come with good instruction.

What am I supposed to do with all this information in the book? How do I use it?

As a game master, I’ve ran 1000s of sessions.

I’ve become a professional Dungeon Master and have ran games for people all over the country.

When people are paying me money to run a game, saying “No, the adventure doesn’t say you can do that”, doesn’t cut it.

Here’s the secret:

I don’t prep “adventures.” I prep “Tools.”

That way, when I’m running a game, all I need to do is reach for the right tool when I need it.

It’s important to have a good tool box.  

And that’s what adventures need to provide.

Instead of reading a 300 page adventure and just being confused, you can have everything you need in just 16 pages.

You could be ready to run a full adventure with a full toolbox in less than an hour. 

And with a little work, you could quickly expand it into an entire campaign

(With comprehensive guidelines on how to do it!)

After reading hundreds of RPG books, I’ve discovered what makes an adventure runnable and how to make them unique and fun. I’ve created a zine that does just that.

It’s called Deep Dark Wood, a tiny hex crawl zine set in a unique, strange, dark fairytale-esque forest. 


Deep Dark Wood empowers you to run an entire adventure (and even create your own) without stress or tons of prep work by providing you with a series of bite sized scenarios, or “tools” to use during your game. 

Add to cart- only $7 today

  • A short adventure that is as fun to read as it is to run, meaning game prep is easy and pleasurable. Avoid the slog and enjoy your planning session.
  • A series of dream-like, linked adventure locations that can be ran as is or added into a larger campaign. Steal what you want and leave the rest! Your in control of this adventure, not the book, which means you’ll run it on your terms. 
  • Random tables for variations in play, ensuring the adventure is different every time you run it. You’ll pull it off the shelf for multiple groups and each time will be unique. 
  • Rules light. While it is marginally for 5E, it’s easy to run in any fantasy game system. Use the system you’re comfortable with and put your energy toward the story, not the rules. 
  • Details a fae forrest full of ghosts, ancient godlike beings, memories, and half remembered dreams. Provides whimsey for the character journey, which is a rare thing in published adventures. It’s a land that feels magical, as opposed to just a list of spells.
  • And all of this is for a very low cost.

If you were buying an adventure from one of the big name game companies, you could spend over $50 easily. Let’s be honest- chances are, you won’t get anywhere near the end of it.

You can flip through Deep Dark Wood laying in bed at night and be ready to run it the next day. 

and you’ll want to because it’s a great read!

There is no need to wait for the physical copy to get to your door. 

Once you purchase Deep Dark Wood, you can download the PDF instantly.

That’s right- you get access to it right away. You’re just a few moments away from embarking into the Deep Dark Wood

How To Use Deep Dark Wood

Bonus: How to Use Deep Dark Wood

And we’re not going to leave you high and dry to figure out how to run the adventure. We’re going to spell it out for you instead. For ordering today, you’ll get How to Use Deep Dark Wood, a $5.00 value, for free! This PDF walks you through the options of how you can implement the tools in Deep Dark Wood. It starts with the basics and explains what a Hex Crawl is, and then provides ways to run the adventure from the simple to the complex.

This lovingly crafted document also gives instructions on how to expand the adventure into a full campaign. If you like world building and adventure crating but get hung up on framework, this is for you. 

If you want to run the adventure in Old School Essentials or Mork Borg, don’t worry- this PDF has done all the work for you. It has the monster stats you need as well as guidance on running the skill tests in the system of your choice.

Bonus: Deep Dark Encounters

More than double the size of your adventure! Deep Dark Encounters is a whole other print zine with a dozen random encounters to stick into Deep Dark Wood. These encounters build on the locations presented in the main zine and flesh out more of the story as well as provide more adversaries for the PCs to face. Chock full of art, Deep Dark Encounters makes the forest even weirder than before.

We sell Deep Dark Encounters for $9.00 on our webstore. Buy it today with Deep Dark wood and you’ll get it absolutely free. That’s more than two zines for the price of one. Your players will love these strange encounters full of singing kobolds, thieving goblins, strange portents, and grisly discoveries.

Random Encounters for Deep Dark Wood

With these zines, you’ll have a great adventure your players won’t soon forget, but that’s not all. When you work with it, you’ll learn to trust yourself to improv what you need on the fly because you’ll have the tools ready for it. You’re own game prep will get better as you learn to work with your game running style instead of against it. Best of all, Deep Dark Wood is full of adventure hooks- you’re mind will race with new ideas and scenarios you want to run!

We’re offering these zines at a great value today, but the price won’t last. When the timer below is finished, the deal will be gone forever.

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  1. Deep Dark Wood (Value: $9.00)
  2. Bonus: How to use Deep Dark Wood (Value: $5.00)
  3. Bonus: Deep Dark Encounters (Value: $9.00)

The total value is over $23.00.

You pay  $7.00!

(That’s less than the cost of Deep Dark Wood by itself!)

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Now is your opportunity. When the timer above runs out, you’ll miss out on this amazing deal. It’ll be back to the endless game planning and confusing, same old adventures. 


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Add to cart- only $7 today

Digging in the Sand

Bones. So many bones. How many people have been buried here?

You find a rusty long sword and a small, golden vulture head worth 250 gp.

Red Sand

The sand here on the edge of the sacrificial ground is loose and looks recently churned.

Vulture Priest

The Vulture Priests are the enemy of knowledge and enlightenment. They seek to bring the eternal silence, the end of all things. Decay and obedience is their only god.

Armor Class 6 [13]
Hit Dice 1 (4hp)
Attacks 1 × Beak (1d4 or by weapon)
THAC0 19 [0]
Movement 120’ (40’)
Saving Throws D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (1)
Morale 8 (11 when at their temple)
Alignment Lawful
XP 10 
Number Appearing 2d4 (1d6 × 10)
Treasure Type D
Immune to the Divine: The spells and powers of clerics and paladins have no effect on them.
Weapons: They frequently use wickedly curved daggers, which they use for sacrificial purposes.
Soul Clouders: There is a 10% chance that any Vulture Priest can use the sleep spell once per day. The targets are still awake, but they are beset by such a deep depression that it has the same effect as sleep. They may only watch what unfurls around them.