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A Strange House Part 2


Make them cry. Until they die.


The College of Mockery is the perfect Bard subclass for those who want to shit talk their opponents to death. Designed by friend of the Keep, DM Dix, it’s one of the coolest subclasses out there and an amazing blend of mechanics and fiction. It’s surprisingly strategic and a great addition to any adventuring party.

Taunt your foes to death.

The Dungeon 0

You Meet a Cleric in the Temple


Play with yourself



No, not like that. This isn’t that kind of website, you pervert. Grab our Solo/co-op Dungeon Delving Game Marching Order and get after that coin. Put together your team of Rogues, figure out their line up, and hope they make enough coin to go to the tavern afterwards. It won’t be easy, but it beats working a real job, donnit?

The Dungeon 0

The Dead Mirror

Death on the Winter Solstice


The Winter Solstice is a time of celebration for the dwarves, a time of bright lights and warming beverages to drive back the darkness. 

But what do you do when the darkness comes?


Tenarlian: The Dying of the Light is a survival hexcrawl oneshot. Try and live through the night as the actual darkness chases you through a secluded mountain valley. 


Can you survive?

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15 Seconds of Fame

Random Encounters with Dix and James


The live event is over, but you can still catch the video on YouTube. We go in depth with random encounters: When to use them (and when not to), how they solve railroading, the secret third player of the game, danger numbers and more. 

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Get in line, Rogue

Marching Order is our Solo/co-op Dungeon Delving series. Think Choose Your Own Adventure had a baby with Darkest Dungeons and raised it on cheap booze and desperation. 


Yeah, we take ourselves real seriously around here. 


Get in the dungeon, try not to die, and see how much loot you can carry away. You know you’re only going to spend it all at the tavern anyway.

The Dungeon 0

Draven the Hunter’s Wild Meats

Draven’s market stand is a food connoisseur’s delight. The hunter is a wiry woman dressed in well-worn traveling gear who doesn’t have much to say – until you ask her about her favorite recipes. She has devoted her life to bringing down the most unique game and butchering it for market. Her wares aren’t cheap, but where else will you find Eyebeast Roast?

Draven’s Special Ground- 5gp

Whatever odds and ends Draven ends up with goes into this mixed mince.

Ankheg Stew Chunks- 15gp

The meat from this monstrosity has a rich, earthy flavor that pairs well with mushrooms.

Eyebeast Roast- 50gp

The meat from this monster isn’t exactly very tasty… but it is rare.

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The Dungeon 0

The Sound of Hooves

Every day around dusk, the PCs hear the sound of thundering hooves approaching from behind them. A DC 16 Survival or Perception check would reveal that the sound comes from a singular animal. When they begin looking for the source of the sound, it stops. No amount of investigation can find its source.

After a week or so of this, they come upon what appears to be a deserted farm. A horse can be heard whinnying from within a scorched barn as a man yells for help, claiming to be on fire. If the PCs go into the barn, they find the charred remains of horse and rider.

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