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Tales from the Loop: Your Retro Strange Science 80’s Kids RPG

Tales from the loop is full of Kids on bikes action. Instead of a hulking adventurer, you play a kid in a world where parents don’t believe you when monsters come-a-calling. The world it is set in reminds me of what the people in the 50’s thought the 80’s would be like.

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, this is your jam. It won five Ennies in 2017, including best game! Want to try it out? Crumbling Keep GMs love to run this one. Find more information here!

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Vampire the Masquerade is Back

The classic 90’s RPG of Vampire Angst is back with a whole new edition. Modiphius has taken the reigns on the property, which can only mean good things. Taking place in modern day, V:TM deals with the hidden world just underneath our own. The players are vampires, torn between their monstrous and human aspects. It’s the game that turned RPGs on their head. Nothing was ever the same since.

Want to try it out? Contact a Crumbling Keep GM.

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Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of- Your New Favorite Fantasy RPG

A good game of Dungeons and Dragons is like living through a novel. It can be a long, beautiful drawn our story, full of role playing and subtly.

Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of is like a comic book where the action never stops. Seeking to emulate the pulp stories of old, a game of Conan starts when the actions does and only ramps up from there. Death and insanity await heroes in this game of indescribable horrors, forgotten towers, and barbaric might.

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