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A Little
About Myself


I Am:

an Artist.

  • I have been, in some manner, for my entire life including a brief collegiate study of theatrical arts.
  •  I co-write stories and material for my startup company.
  • I’ve been a glass artisan for the better part of a decade.  Working with my hands has always brought me joy (and some tears, to be honest).
  • I have truly enjoyed assuming the role of visual designer for Crumbling Keep LLC.  It has thrown me into the deep pool of web design and forced me to swim.  I look forward to learning more with every project I conquer.
  • My favorite outdoor activity is by far camping.
  • Many ages ago I was a proud Boy Scout who took survival lessons very seriously
  • I love the mulchy scent of a thick forest canopy and the crisp air of a tall mountain peak.
  • I have, over recent years, grown an appreciation for the beauty of an oceanside sunset.   (My hang-up?  Sand! It gets everywhere!)

a Nature Enthusiast

a Lover

  • I have a wonderful, supportive partner,
  • A Beautiful Yorkshire Terrier pup named Poppy ,
  • and friends and family who appreciate me as I am.
  • I seek to give everyone the same opportunities for love.