Dev Log: Operation Hex Crawl

Things that are, things that were, and some things that may never be. The Fiction So the goal is to make a hex crawl game for 5E, right? In this I’m creating two things: a way to play and an adventure to use these rules in. The initial idea was simply just a card deck where each card was a

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AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide

Reading the Tomes, Old and New. In doing research for the aforementioned Hex Crawl supplement we are working on, I finally filled a hole in my collection and bought the AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide on Ebay. Notice, the link is to Ebay because WotC doesn’t need any more of your money. Frankly, I find something enjoyable about the old books

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Dinosaur Fight!

Hey, you might have seen our free one page adventure, The Hunt. If you haven’t, it’s going to be coming out really soon. I’d been making a lot of stone age type weapons and magic items lately and wanted to create an adventure that was set in a fantasy version of the era. It’s a clan vs clan revenge story,

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