Ships of the River Agrier

Rules for boating down the River Agrier in Ket Ket  Sailing the Agrier and Beyond Our micro-campaign setting, Ket Ket, has a great and mighty river running through it. This river is responsible for much of the life and commerce in the land. It floods yearly, depositing rich soil and decaying plant matter, making farming possible. More importantly to the

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Dev Log: Operation Hex Crawl

Things that are, things that were, and some things that may never be. The Fiction So the goal is to make a hex crawl game for 5E, right? In this I’m creating two things: a way to play and an adventure to use these rules in. The initial idea was simply just a card deck where each card was a

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AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide

Reading the Tomes, Old and New. In doing research for the aforementioned Hex Crawl supplement we are working on, I finally filled a hole in my collection and bought the AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide on Ebay. Notice, the link is to Ebay because WotC doesn’t need any more of your money. Frankly, I find something enjoyable about the old books

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