The longest night is here again! The dwarves of the Long Winter Vale are keeping their fires burning bright to drive back the darkness.

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Devlog: Tinderbox

Things that are, things that were, and some things that may never be.  Asking Questions We’ve been making Tinderbox releases for a while now, and we’ve never quite taken the time to explain it. What is it? Why is it? What’s up with these questions? The short of it: Tinderbox releases start with questions that will tie the PCs to

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Ships of the River Agrier

Rules for boating down the River Agrier in Ket Ket  Sailing the Agrier and Beyond Our micro-campaign setting, Ket Ket, has a great and mighty river running through it. This river is responsible for much of the life and commerce in the land. It floods yearly, depositing rich soil and decaying plant matter, making farming possible. More importantly to the

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