“The Demon King was born into the void. The void was nothingness, the true source of power. The he was wrath and evil and pain. The she was eternal nothing and calm. This knowledge is the true magic of the ancients.”
-Adrasteia, Elven Mustes.  

   The Mustes are women who, in their own words, “study the mystery of the void.” These women are sages of all things with a unifying belief that their’s is the gender truly meant to wield the power of magic. Before any of the other demons existed, the void was all there was. It was from the void the first demons were birthed and, therefore, all knowledge. The Mustes believe they have this with in them.

   While they might be found anywhere, they are most likely to be found in Varrek, the city of magic. It is there that their order is based.

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