We’ve been hard at work getting ready for season two of Tales from the Tower, our streaming show coming to Twitch on January 6th!  Last season was all Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed of, full of more grit than sandpaper in a desert. This time, we’re wrestling, and it’ll be full of blood, glitter, revenge, and tragedy.

We have a veteran juiced up on LSD and horse Tranquilizers, a Luchador that works as a Reepo man during the day, an 80’s heart throb roadie trying to be the next big thing, and a classically trained actor who plays a big dumb monster in the ring.  Add to this some quality NPCs, like a new age promoter, a WOW playing tech guy, and King Don, the shadiest manager this side of New Jersey and you start to get an idea of what we’re up to.

We’ll be playing on Sundays, starting January 6, 2019 at 10PM Est and 7 PM PST.  Get ready to get slammed.

You can find it all here on Twitch.

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