The Amrin leaf comes from the Nahj Amrinitas plant that is native to the mid-northern shores of Qua’Lorn. While a few have cultivated it, most do not bother, as it grows plentiful in the wild. Many lands have outlawed it’s possession, but those that live in its native habitat need only ask the right person if they want it. One can tell an Amrin Leaf eater by their teeth.

The herb has both a narcotic effect and slight hallucinogenic properties. Chewing on the leaf dulls the user’s senses, relieving pain and causing a profound drowsiness. Normal doses will soften the edges of reality, making objects seem to bleed and melt slightly. Movement might be detected where there is none. Higher doses will trigger full blown hallucinations, though such large consumption carries with it the risk of fatal overdose.

Perhaps it’s most noted effect is its tendency to induce rich lucid dreams. The subconscious and conscious mind works together to create vivid visions of fantastic things in the dreamers mind. This has made it very popular among the Del Harun who soak the leaf in bottles of wine. The silverish color imparted by the leaf changes the liquid’s appearance into something akin to an oil slick. While not very pretty, it is quite effective.

The leaf can be distilled into alcohol, smoked, or even used as a poultice. The most common method of consumption is to shred the leaf roughly and place it between the teeth and gums in a ball, chewing on it occasionally to release more of it’s juices. This tends to leave the teeth with a silver residue, making an Amrin leaf eater easily identifiable. Those of high society tend to imbibe it in other ways to avoid such markings. Others have taken it into their self image, using it as a proud banner to mark their usage.

The Amrin leaf can certainly be addicting. The slums of Mak have no shortage of malnourished bodies lying against walls and in alleyways, their smiles a mocking silver sheen. PCs are certainly at risk of such a fate as well if they are not careful. Those that die from the leaf are said to be given to the sleep eternal.


The Nahj Amrinitas plant has a central stalk that grows to the size of a human’s thumb. It is covered in a soft white cotton like fiber that acts as a slight irritant to anyone who touches it. Those that handle it often generally use gloves to do so. Cracking the stem reveals it as a fibrous material that could be used for weaving if thoroughly cleaned and softened.

The leaves themselves grow in clusters on the stalk. Orange hairs will often sprout among the clusters but fall off as the plant ages. The top of the stem will culminate in the largest cluster of leaves, with big, potent leaves drooping downward. Harvesters will cut the plant off at the base, hanging them upside down from rafters to dry.

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