As of today, we’ve launched a project that we’re incredibly excited about. We’re making the Samsarras interactive Atlas, available on this website!

What is it, you may ask? The easy answer is that we’re trying to make google maps for Samsarras. Eventually, it’ll start with a world map. You can zoom into nations, then regions, then towns, and then into buildings! There will be dungeons and wilderness battlemaps. There will be adventure hooks and stats. It’ll be the ultimate world wide sandbox tool.

For now, however, it all starts with one map: The Sylvan Kingdom. Take a look and mouse around on it. You can get information on the different Isles. Next week, you’ll be able to zoom in a level. We’re going to be adding maps for a long time.

Once we start getting into adventures and the like, there will be things that are exclusive to our Patreon members. Think of it like a subscription service for premium content. Even if you choose not to join our Patreon, don’t fear. There will always be plenty of freebies available so you can click around and explore the world.

Have ideas? Let us know! Drop us a line at

The Sylvan Nation

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