“Tales from the Loop” won all sorts of ennie awards when it was released and for good reason. It uses a simple system that focuses on keeping the game going and the 80’s kids on bikes weird science vibe is really hard to resist. With the popularity of shows like “Stranger Things,” it’s really not a surprise that it’s popularity took off.

Free League Publishing has taken the next step with “Things from the Flood.” It’s the 90’s and the kids have grown up into angst ridden teens in a decade in decline. The super science promises of the 80s have collapsed, as robots revolted and technology failed. Add to that a bunch of raging hormones and life gets interesting.

Oh, remember in “Tales from the Loop”, when the kids couldn’t die? The teens in “Things from the Flood” can. The world has gotten darker.

Interested in giving it a go? Our GMs love the game and would be happy to run it for you. Contact us for more info.

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