“Qua Jon, father of magic, was not a worldly man. His magic came not of “things.” It came of himself. It came from enlightenment. We but seek the same.”

Garnosh, Mithrelian Kashkuli

“A magical beggar is still a beggar.”

Carwinth Brass, Del Harun Merchant

The Kashkuli have given up all the material possessions and comforts of the world. They roam the streets of Varrek, subsisting on that which they can scavenge and beg. They reason that any material possessions or participation in greater society robs them of valuable time they could put toward enlightenment and the pursuit of what they see as “Ishtalla,” which loosely translates to “Perfect magic.” They believe what the world perceived as insanity in Qua Jon was only genius too far removed from the layperson to understand. They seek to follow in his path.

The order holds itself to a standard of abstinence, believing that anything other than abstention from sex hinders their journey. As such, they have forbidden men and women to be alone together. While it’s lax enforcement does little to dissuade such couplings, they do absolutely nothing to avoid same sex relations. As a whole, the order tends to turn a blind eye to both, trusting it to an individual member to care take their own spirituality in these situations.

The Kashkuli are predominantly human, though elves are a close second. One can find many of the humanoid races of Samsarras among their ranks. While the order has no official religious stance outside of a personal spirituality, many of its members worship the Astar Uln pantheon of gods. Those that do tend to emphasise the twin gods of magic, Druhaus and Mugan. When one of the two moons of Samsarras are full, the rites of the Kashkuli are conducted beneath the open sky.

The day to day life of the standard Kashkuli involves begging, research, and meditation. Those higher in the ranks will hold council in the public spaces of Varrek, gathering their students around them to lecture on the theories of magic. They are semi-aggressive recruiters, and as such, any passersby that wish to sit in are welcomed. They can expect a Kashkuli to approach them afterwards, armed with a recruitment pitch for their order.

While not unknown, magic is a rare thing in the world of Samsarras. Most of the Kashkuli’s delves into magic are theoretical only, with the vast majority of members lacking the mystic link that allows them to actually shape the arcane forces of the world. Those few who do, even those that master a single cantrip, are attributed an air of enlightenment and are highly respected among their peers.

Stats for The Kashkuli

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