Perched upon a rocky outcropping over the sea, Ankhor’s Dive is a  haven for the less than reputable visitors to Dane Caelen. This lively tavern and wayside inn draws an eclectic mix of dwarven sailors, human nomads, and elves doing business best not done inside the city proper. It is located on the outskirts of the city, along the northern coast. A torched lined path draws patrons in and, with luck, helps them find their way out again after imbibing fine imported dwarven spirits.

As evidenced by the lighthouse atop it, Ankhor’s Dive was not always an inn. In the time shortly before dragons came to the world, when the demons waged a war of torment against the races of Samsarras, the Elves constructed it as a coastal defense patrol base. The burning light guided ships to shore even as the barracks housed a full company of guardsmen. It was named “Aranel’s Shield” after Currasant Aranel who oversaw its construction and subsequent operations.

There it stood for over a thousand years. In time, due to Mirlethian raids, the city receded from the northern coast. As such, Aranel’s Shield found itself unmanned and subsequently decayed to the ravages of time. Every few decades, some new strange cult would find its way in and call the barracks home, only to eventually be discovered and driven away.

Soon after Caelen Dicelle’s coronation, boats from Mirlethia stole away down the Sil Strait, intent on capitalizing on the disorder monarchal transition brings. When a Mirlethian assassin tried to kill the new queen, they were struck down by Völkhor Longsmock, a member of the Black Boot mercenaries who fought on the side of the elves. Dicelle offered Völkhor any number of titles and positions. The hefty dwarf but smiled and pointed to the north.

“If it pleases your highness, I’ll take that crumbling barracks and get out of your royal hair.”

A deal was struck that Völkhor would take control of the lighthouse under the conditions that he rebuilt it to its former glory and it’s ownership would revert to the Elves upon his death. He enlisted the help of Doograden “Jingles” Cranhappen to finance the project, taking him on as a partner. The two of them enlisted a few former mercenaries to help rebuild  it into the iconic inn it is today. From their sweat, Ankhor’s Dive was born.

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Second Floor of Ankhor’s Dive

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