The Dragon Lord of Mak is named Myrlita, and she is adored by most she governs. Her body and limbs are long and graceful, sheathed in shimmering golden scales. No wings protrude from her back, helping to give her movements a slinking quality, unhindered by anything that would break the sloping lines of her back. Her head is not horned or ridged and her deep green eyes fall mostly to the sides of her head. A leathery back facing gold hood covers the top of her neck. She often adorns it with silks and other decoration.

Ironically, in her demihuman form, Myrlita does have wings. She appears as one of the legendary Avriel, the winged elves from Samsarras history. She is slighter than even regular elves, her limbs appearing brittle and not meant for prolonged walking. When she flaps her wings, however, the true reason for this body makes sense.

There are none alive that have seen Myrlita wear the same clothes twice while in her demihuman guise. She has many clothing makers in her employ, furnishing her with a constant supply of gowns and trappings. Many of which, after their initial use, are given as gifts to servants or the 13 favored families of Mak. It is a great honor to wear her castoffs.

The Dragon Goddess drowns herself in decadence, each day bringing new sensations. Those that have spent any time with her have seen an abundance of new cuisines and ingredients, wines from all the world over, beautiful performers and acrobats, as well as a steady supply of lovers from all races and genders. Few can keep up with any of her appetites for long, though there are those who boast to have tried.

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