Huge marble columns rise into the air, holding aloft a roof adorned with a mosaic of Myrlita. The bright tiles catch the light of torches through the steam filled air. Joyous voices discuss business and pleasure as the populace unwinds after the toils of the day. The gentle current of the baths carries away the dust and grime of work, leaving the people of Mak clean in both body and soul.

Deeper into the complex are more ornate baths, looked upon by brass statues and attended to by beautiful servants. It is here the 13 Favored Families of Mak go to bath away from the general populace. Just as with The Tiered Gardens of Mak, these beautiful areas serve as meeting places away from the prying eyes of the public. The closest most of the peasantry get to these baths is to smell the scent of perfumed water wafting through the halls.

The Baths were created by Jalkus Ederanin three hundred years ago. They are deep and sprawling, covering an entire city block with a possibly greater area below ground. Once one leaves the public baths, the passageways become strange and twisting, threatening to lead one into chambers they may never find their way out of again. It is said that Jalkus was quite mad by the end of his life, having indulged in eating too much Amrin leaf. When walking the halls of his baths, the idea gains credence as it seems there is no reason to the sprawling mess.

Upon his death, the Ederanin family donated the baths to the city, cementing their status as one of the 13 Favored Families to the current day. In time, sections were closed off. Rough hewn tunnels were covered by boards to discourage folks from disappearing into it’s depths. The beautiful public area of The Baths of Ederanin that one sees today are but a fraction of the total chambers Jalkus had built. Many now alive do not even know its history or that it extends as far as it does. Those that do often wonder why Jalkus began to build bath chambers into the depths of Samsarras itself…

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