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Shilan was an ancient human empire that spanned Qua’Lorn and parts of Sunisia. It was the strong hold of the demons power, a land where every city held a different fiend in highest esteem. Dark deeds were done under a jungle canopy so dense and tangled that the people of the land rarely saw day light.

When Dragon-kind came to Samsarras, they laid waste to many of those dark places, leaving few left to remember them. What was once a verdant jungle was now a wasteland of sand and ruin. In time, others would build on the bones of those that came before, Qua’Lorn becoming a large island of independent city states.

There is little left to link them to the distant past of the land they settled on, though the adventurous or foolhardy do on occasion find ancient ruins of that dark age gone by. There are not many that return to report on what they found.

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