I do not fear them, as they are simple merchants. I do, however, fear their dreams. I am not sure that demons do not visit them during the night.

-Selid Quazar, Patriarch of house Quazar in Zan Zan Turina.


   The Del Harun can be found in the eastern part of Qua’Lorn in Varrek, Un’, and Therrin, as well as all parts in between. They are technically half dragon, though generations of breeding with humans has left them with little dragon blood in their veins. They have not lost all link to their Draconic past, however. 

   It is said that an adult member of the del Harun can create water out of nothing once per day.. While this may be rumor, believers point out that the water gourds of these nomads are never dry.

   The Del Harun claim to be of two lands. They are of this physical world but also exist in a world of dreams they call the Dahlen. They believe their dreams to be as real as their waking experiences. The belief is strong enough that it has started feuds in the real world over a slight in a dream. Though absurd to outsiders, the Del Harun take it deadly seriously.

   Five tribes are known to exists, all of them on peaceful terms with the rest. The Dream Walkers often return to Therrin, feeling a kinship with the monks of the city state. The Shadow Blades, the most militaristic of the tribes, often send caravans from Un’ to Zan Zan Turrina, trading the weapons of Un’ for all manner of goods. The Drake Teeth travel among the northern coast in the region in Iron Wood Canoes, fishing and trading in the ports of Therrin and sometimes Un’. The Brass Shroud can often be found among the markets of Varrek, scouring the surrounding lands for all manner of oddities they can sell.

   The final tribe is the Raven’s Claw. This particular tribe of Del Harun have a preoccupation with Nightmares. It is the side of the Dahlen they refer to as Kahbush. Their shamen have come to believe that the end is near and their dreams have foretold such.

   All Del Harun tribes, with the exception of the drake Teeth, are known for their horses and, subsequently, their  horse archery. It is a strong opponent or a fool who attacks their caravans in the open. They are also known as merchants the land over. Anyone who sees a chestnut skinned member of this tribe can expect that they have wares to sell or Currency to trade with.

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