The people of Mak have termed the grand palace “The Captivating Horde,” following the naming conventions of the Dragon God Myrlita herself. It’s ornate marble halls are where she makes her home in the city, with the throne room being made to house her in her illustrious dragon form. When in the rest of the palace, however, Myrlita walks though it in her graceful elven guise.

Like many dragons, Myrlita keeps a horde. Unlike others, she is not interested in gold and silver, however. Those who have walked the halls of her palace have seen the beautiful paintings and masterful statues that make up her trove. Some lucky visitors have even been privy to her gem room, viewing the untold amounts of precious stones cut into beautiful shapes with many more raw and untouched set into the walls and piled upon the floor. Myrlita has procured art from every corner of Samsarras to display in her home.

There are rooms of swords, from the mundane to the beautiful and magical. There are suits of armor from every race. There are rooms full of rich tapestries and shelves full of poetry and literature. There are spices in the kitchen that are so rare that some only grow once a decade if luck so deems. Then there is the royal harem, with voluntary courtesans skilled in a thousand arts. It is certainly a horde unlike any in the world.

Obviously, where riches like this exist, thieves follow. The walls of The Captivating Horde are very high and frequently patrolled. Only the most trusted of the guard are allowed in the halls of the horde itself. There are also many traps and visitors are given strict instruction as to where they can and can not go. Not all of the palace is safe without a guide.

Any who have attempted to break in have simply disappeared, never to be seen again. Not many question their fate. Unlike other dragons of the world, Myrlita is interested in displays of beauty, not power. Her enemies don’t end up as heads on pikes, they simply cease to be seen. The Dragon Gods Justice may be silent, but it is certainly final.

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