Members from the 13 Favored families of Mak form the Beautiful Assembly, the policy makers of the city of pleasure. They have been hand picked by the Dragon God Myrlita as rewards for their contributions to the city. They set laws and handle the administrative actions that the god herself does not wish to. It is the most prestigious position in the city.

Some have been part of the 13 Favored Families for generations, while others have only been so for a decade or less. The appointment of a family into this sect is solely at the whims of Myrlita, for there is no steadfast prerequisites. The honor has been bestowed for everything from defending Mak from outside forces to the establishment of breathtaking public art displays. It has been taken away for less.

As there is no promise that any family keeps this position, they are involved in constant intrigue, jockeying for position in Myrlita’s affectionate gaze. Those ambitious enough to obtain the title find that their work does not end with their coronation; in truth, that is when it truly begins. Often, this has a beneficial effect on the city itself as each family strives for its betterment. All citizens know of the dark side of this contest as well, however. As important as it is for each family to succeed, it is just as important at times that other families fail. Woe to those who find themselves on the symbolic chopping block.

Aside from being part of the Beautiful Assembly, this position bestows certain other benefits. Each prominent family is entitled to space in the Tiered Gardens of Mak, for instance. If is also considered quite fashionable to commission artisans from the 13 Favored Families, so this bestowal of status is generally accompanied by a not insignificant financial gain as well. Perhaps the biggest honor is having the ear of Myrlita herself. Not many are willing to cross those in her favor.


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