The inside of the north wall of Mak is a sight people travel from far across the continent to behold. Those approaching the city from the ocean see the wall to the south with slight bits of greenery peering over top. There is nothing to tip them off to the splendor that lies inside. Once they enter the city, they see it for what it truly is.

The inside of that wall holds the Tiered Garden of Mak. Large columns support terrace stacked on top of terrace, each laden with greenery and sculpture. A complex system of pipes leads from rain reservoirs atop the walls to provide water to the many plants. It is like a jungle grows from the wall itself.

Amidst these verdant displays sit small sitting areas, many of them public. As one traverses up the long stone stair wells, they are more likely to find themselves at the entrance to private gardens, maintained by the 13 favored families of Mak. It is here, amidst the obscuring foliage, that they make their secret deals or indulge in private indiscretions. If unwelcome visitors attempt to enter, they are met by guards. How ready they are to raise the alarm often times depends on how much they are paid, however.

A display like this would not be possible many other places in Qua’lorn. It exists in Mak due to the Thunderhorn mountains that lay close to the west. Moist air from the sea is pushed up into the atmosphere as it comes into contact with them, resulting in a frequent light warm rain on the other side. The tropical plans in the garden thrive in this gentile mist.

Locals love to tell stories of the beasts that stalk the gardens at night. They are reptilian and hungry, they say. The real reason the 13 favored families guard their plots is not to keep others out; It’s to keep the dark beasts they have summoned in. These ghost stories are laughed about and repeated to entertain friends. There certainly are not many people who visit The Tiered Garden at night, however…


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