The city of Mak lays on the northern shore of Qua’lorn, within short distance from Zan Zan Turina. It is ruled over by it’s god, the dragon Myrlita. It seems she claims some lineage from the dragons of Sunisia, her scales sharing their luminescent gold qualities. She lacks their wings, however, and her long body shape hints at shared blood with some other dragon. Her head is surrounded by a back facing leathery hood that extends over part of her long neck.

While she may be related to the gold dragons of Sunisia, she shares drastically different attitudes and beliefs. The city of Mak is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure above all else. Myrlita has agents that travel the world to find the finest artists, courtesans, cooks, and others and entice them to live in her domain. As such, the city boasts plentiful public gardens sporting lush floral arrangements and decadent fountains. The smells of many cuisines flood the streets from corner stalls. The courtesan district is the most respected in the world with very strict codes of behavior.

With this lifestyle of hedonism, Mak keeps very close ties with Zan Zan Turina. While most certainly an independent city state, it enjoys a relative safety. Many believe that the city falls under the protection of Wyrlynth, the thousand eyed wyrm. If this is so, it is not in any official capacity.

It is no surprise that the Citystate is at odds with with the religious Sunisia. It is not a long boat ride between the two and citizens of the Sunisian empire will take trips to the city of decadence to indulge their fantasies. It stands in stark contrast to their stern homeland.


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