Long before Varekussius came to be known, the twins Druhaus and Mugan were worshiped as the gods of magic and knowledge. Legend says that Qua Jon, an Elf, was the first mage of the Samsarras. He was gifted his great magic by the twins so that he may teach others the ways of the arcane. Despite the Elves of current day worshiping the dragon gods of their lands, all know this legend well.

   Varekussius has outlawed their worship as heretical, but that hasn’t stopped their veneration. Rituals are carried out in secret rooms and forgotten halls, far from prying eyes. Druhaus and Mugan are tied to the world’s two moons, Gwizdon and Dernosh respectively. The city guards presence is much more robust when either celestial body hangs full in the sky. It is said the heretics take it as a call to action. While this may or may not be true, it does seem that crime and vandalism rise on those well lit eves. There are many wizards who claim to feel a greater connection to their art when the moons are full, though doubters are quick to claim the effect is psychosomatic.

   If one looks, one will see the image of a snake with two heads emblazoned on walls and in alley ways around the city. This is the cults mark. None really know much of their aim or leadership, if they truly have either. Their presence in the city is often felt but rarely seen

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