Located on the far southern outreach of the city, Tur Drexlinth is home to Sharar Mon Karra. Sharar is a powerful and reclusive necromancer said to travel the city in many differnt guises. The Del Harun, a tribe of warrior merchants who travel the eastern part of Qua’lorn, have a saying: “Every man, woman, and child meets Sharar Mon Karra once.”

   Tur Drexlinth also houses his many disciples. They safely practice their necromantic magic behind its thick walls, as the practice is frowned upon in public. It is said there are sights within its halls that would chill the soul of even the most stalwart warriors, though not many know for certain, as only the fool hardy dare approach its gates. The estate is also home to Varrek’s Charnel house and crematorium. All dead are brought here, provided they have not made arrangements to have their corpse stolen away to some other end. It is unknown what relationship Varekussius has with Sharar Mon Karra, but it is the Dragons will that this should be so.

   The disciples of Sharar have semi domesticated wyverns. The winged beasts can always be seen flying around its towers, perching on its ramparts and heeding the demands of their gaunt caretakers. It is unknown what type of meat they feed the beasts, though none wish to discuss the matter for long.


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