The House of Nothings lays a quarter mile outside of Varrek proper atop a small rocky outcropping. It is ruled by the Council of the Veil which consists of Cillehartly, Annatree Slipbound, and Cartania the Brass. All three are master illusionists.

  Annatree Slipbound is an elderly Gnomish woman, bent of spine and slow of speech. Originally from Gnomehome, Cillehartly came to Varrek when the city was still young. She made the pilgrimage to pledge her services to Varekussius in exchange for magical knowledge. They have been close ever since.

Cillehartly is a Del Harun who has given up the nomadic life, though it has not given up on her. While the House of Nothings is her home, she often leaves on journeys lasting several years at a time. She always returns to Varrek, however. Annatree is inquisitive and fearless. She is just as likely to use her illusions to thwart her enemies as she is to delight any who gather around her. She has an inclination toward shiny baubles, and those that have seen her inner sanctum report numerous shiny stones, gems, glass globes, and other trinkets from the cheap and powerless to the arcane.

   Cartania the Brass is a Half Dragon prone to speaking in riddles. An imposing figure at almost 7 ft tall, Cartania believes illusions come from somewhere and where they come from is the real “reality” as it were. Annatree claims they come from dreams, which the Half Dragon dismisses as absurd. Cartania spends most of her time in study, pouring over old books and quietly meditating. She never answer questions about her Draconic heritage.

   The House of Nothings is unsafe without a guide. Due to the nature of its inhabitants, no one knows what it really looks like. The insides are always perceived to be changing. What appears and innocent hallway may be a deadly trap, disguised to thwart would be thieves.

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