The temple of Afrah, located a few miles outside of Varrek,  is old. Those that reside in it now are not the original occupants. If they know who those occupants were, they are not saying.

   Centuries ago, the Dark Elf Marzzit fled from his own people. He would eventually come upon the ancient pyramid in what would one day be known as Varrek. He lived alone in the temple for five centuries before once again emerging, much changed from when he entered. In his absence, the city of Varrek had sprung forth from the desert. He named the pyramid The Temple of Afrah and began to recruit followers from the near by city.

   Marzzit assumed the sobriquet “master of serpents.” It seems all his disciples share a liking for the legless ones, the temple itself housing all manner of specimens. While most are benign, many house poison in their fangs or the ability to crush a person in their coils. It is a rare thief that has attempted to penetrate the walls of the temple and none are known to have succeeded.

   The acolytes spend their time in the dark temple worshiping strange idols and studying their dark arts. There is not much contact between them and the citizens of Varrek. They refer to Varekussius as “The Divine Serpent.” The dragon’s stance on the cult has never been publicly known.


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