Varekussius has scales of gleaming white, a perfect match for the dolomite domes they lord over in their city of Varrek. This dragon god is quadrupedal with great feathered wings sprouting from their back, the feathers sporting a rainbow hue of colors providing stark contrast to the rest of their body. This is not their only similarity to an avian, however. Their face is chicken like, a squat beak protruding form it. Two hypnotic blue eyes peer out over the bill. 

   The wyrms voice is high pitched and croaky, which has caused others to underestimate them in the past. It is a mistake any are unlikely to repeat. Varekussius rarely needs implements or components to cast their spells, often drawing pure magical energy from the depths of the world itself. Their understanding of this mana that spiderwebs underneath their city is great. Many believe that the dragon can use it to see all parts of Varrek at once. While there are many secrets in Varrek, it is unlikely that there are many Varekussius does not know.

   The human form of Varekussius is a gaunt, tall elf that presents no gender. Their nose remains beak like with a top curve and sharp point that follows an almost perfect straight line back to their lip. This is topped by the very same blue eyes they keep in their dragonic form. Their white hair falls about their shoulders with an ever changing array of colored streaks forming in it, creating splashes of varying pigments reminiscent of flowers in a wheat field. The robes they wear are a perfect gleaming white, though are often disheveled and wrinkled.

   Varekussius’s palace is in the center of Varrek, built over the ancient well that the city was settled upon. The gardens of the palace are unparalleled, which those lucky enough to have entered the palace have said of its libraries as well. It is well guarded by the wyrms personal guard, the Hushkah. Their long pole-arms, unquestioning obedience their Lairde, and rumored powers make sure that unwelcome visitors have a hard time making an entrance.


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