Ages ago, when the memory of Shilan was still quite fresh in the minds of the world, Varrekussius the wyrm led refugees across the face of Qua’Lorn. The people, largely human, had lost their homes in the great war between dragon kind and the demons. In the aftermath of the crusade, Varrekussius came to them and promised these peoples a new start in the sands. 

 They wandered the dessert for two years and experienced many hardships. Varrekussius, arguably the most magically inclined of the dragons, provided that which they could. In time, they came upon a seemingly bottomless well in the desert of the clearest water any of them have ever seen. Varrekussius deemed it a magical place, claiming that the lay lines of Samsarras intersected in that pool. Using the Dolomite quarry near by, the city of Varrek was founded.

   Over the many years since its founding, Varrekussius has attracted philosophers and magicians in greater number than any other place in the world, even the Sylvan lands. Samsarras is a world where magic is far from common place, though one might think otherwise in Varrek. It seems many of its inhabitants know at least some banal alchemy, herbalism, or cantrips. There are also those who wield true arcane power, and their followers are many. A council of the cities greatest wizards advise Varrekussius. There have been a few over the cities long history that challenged the Dragon God’s power, but those are never heard from again.

  Current day Varrek is full of bustling market places, libraries, sprawling villas, and endless power struggles. Patrons have patrons and most answer to those seen and others unseen. The white dolomite domes and spires hide wild magical experiments and corruption, jealousy being a driving force for many petty rivalries. Varrekussius has many inquisitors in their employ to make sure any wizardly power struggles do not spill into the streets.

   Despite its majesty and wonder, life for the common citizen is much like that anywhere else, albeit with the occasional arcane awe inspiring spectacle. It has its share of stone masons, shopkeepers, brewers, and mercenaries. Most know enough to stay away from the endless machinations of wizards, though few manage to do so for a lifetime.


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