The Kiradal are a small tribe of nomadic dark elves who travel Qua’Lorn throughout the desert nights. Led by an ancient Dark Elf named Vhurrenna, none are sure what has brought them to live on the surface of the world instead of its depths. They are constantly crossing the sands for some unknown purpose.

   Vhurrenna identifies as male, which is strange among the Dark Elves. Their society is matriarchal, just as the Avriel society is. This may have something to do with their flight from the dark tunnels below. Rumors circulate that it was the result of some sort of rebellion, though any one who knows the truth of the matter is keeping their lips sealed.

   The Kiradal have often been seen making camp outside the gates of Zan Zan Turina. While there, they have harassed no citizens or travelers. Members of the tribe slip into the city during the night time hours with no apparent resistance from the guard. Then, after a few days, they move on to their next destination.

   Jegkir, pictured above, is a member of this tribe.


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