Wyrlynth is said to be a carnal creature. It is easy to believe when you look at the make up of the Anjasta, a nomadic tribe that frequents the wastes around Zan Zan Turina. While largely Orcs, there are also The Blooded. From a distance, The Blooded would easily be mistaken for humans. When one gets closer, however, it is apparent that they are much more.

   The Blooded have many small pits in their skin, about the size of an eye. Many claim that this is proof that they are born of Wyrlynth herself, for who else could be responsible than the Thousand Eyed Serpent? Others laugh at this, stating that a defect of birth is far from a concrete tie. The Blooded tend to stay silent on such matters. 

   It is true, however, that the Orcs and The Blooded have never tried to raid Zan Zan Turina, though its neighbors are not as lucky. It is entirely reasonable that they would prefer not to test their might against the Eternal Wyrm, but the truth of the matter remains a mystery. Most citizens of the desert city believe the tribe to be the long arm of the Serpent Queen. Trying to convince them otherwise is a futile exercise.

  Whatever the heart of the matter may be, the Anjasta ride their camels across the expanse of central Qua’Lorn. Woe be to the merchant train that cross their path and does not agree to pay for their protection. The Anjasta know just how dangerous the desert can be.

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