The City of Sin. The Den of the Snake. The Blood Sands. Zan Zan Turina is known by all of these names. It sits in the middle of Qua’ Lorn, it’s walls standing in defiance to the world. It lays upon the only known mine of darkstone, the rock that the gnomes refine into gunpowder. It also hosts multiple gem mines as well as a gold mine. It’s wealth makes this singular city more powerful than many nations. 

   It is the largest city in all of Qua’Lorn and boasts representatives from every race and culture. Many who have faced exile find themselves in the welcoming walls of Zan Zan Turina, plotting their returns in dimly lit taverns or accepting their retirement in this city of ambition. Many foreign kings have employed mercenary companies that called this city home, using their might to defend their territories and usurp others.

   The world’s biggest arena is also found in the city, though it is hardly the only one found in its walls. Zan Zan Turina is riddled with fighting pits, from back rooms in taverns to the gardens of nobles. Many find work as gladiators here, only to have their blood seep into the sands. There are those that have bought their freedom and more, however. Intidius Markarl rose to become the lord of a great house. Though he is long dead, his dynasty still endures today.

   It is said that Wyrlynth, the great wyrm lady and protector of the city, will often be seen surveying the battles of these gladiators, watching over them with a knowing grin. Knowing this, gladiators always give their all, as she could be watching from the crow in humanoid form.

   Zan Zan Turina is the city of thieves and nobles alike. It is a city of a thousand deals and endless ambitions. There are many that see it as a blight on the world, but they dare not challenge Wyrlynths strength. Those that have are not spoken of aloud in the city. Those that accept Wyrlynths will, however, may rise to almost any height.


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