Wyrlynth is lady and protector of Zan Zan Turina. In her draconic form, The Eternal Wyrm is snake like, without wings or appendages. Two massive horns protrude from her head. The elder Drake, having complete control over her size, can grow to such a magnitude that she dwarfs all other dragons of the world. Yet, at her smallest, she is the size of a tiny snake. Her size at any given moment is not her most impressive feature, however.

   The scaled hide of the Eternal Wyrm is covered in uncountable eyes. The people of Zan Zan Turina say that Wylthanth sees all, yet they do not worship her as a god. The Thousand eyed serpent has forbidden such worship. She has proclaimed loudly for all to hear that she is no diety, yet she has also made law that no others may be venerated. Zan Zan Turina is a city without temples. They say no God nor army can breach the walls as long as Wyrlynth stands as protector. There does not seem to be a force in Samsarras that could lay the great Wyrm low.


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