Qua’Lorn resides where the ancient empire of Shilan once stood. It consists of leagues of desert separating scattered city states. Among all the lands of Samsaras, Qua’Lorn has the least unified cultural identity, as it consists of many different peoples. Each city tends to differ vastly from those around it. 

   Qua’Lorn is also home to various nomadic tribes, such as the dreaming Del Harun,  the half dragon tribe of Wyrlthanth’s brood, and the Kiradal. The former is a tribe of Drow elves that has come to the surface for unknown reasons, traveling the sands in the dark of night. These tribes fill the rolls of merchants, protection, and banditry depending on their allegiances. Seeing one when traveling alone in the wastes can be a blessing or a curse.

   The crowning jewel of Qua’Lorn is Zan Zan Turina. Also known as the Den of the Snake, it is the largest city in all of Samsarras, sprawling across the desert sands. It is lorded over by Wyrlynth, the eternal serpent. The great wyrm has forbidden the worship of all gods within the walls of the city, including herself.

   There are untold secrets beneath the sands, many forgotten by any who still live. It is a land favored by those seeking their fortune away from the vast empires of the world. It is a land where adventure still lives and death lays beyond each dune. For those that can rise to the challenge, however, Qua’Lorn is a treasure horde ripe for the taking.

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